Sunday, 10 February 2013

Forever 21 purchases

Forever 21 haul

I have been a lover of Forever 21 since I went to California about 3 years ago. As you do when you're on holiday I went into a shop and picked up a few things but then without realising I went into the shame chain a few days later, but a different location, and then it clicked. I was hooked. I remember when I got back I searched for it online and saw that you could order to have it delivered in the UK but it had a hefty price tag. Wah! So I forgot about it for a while until I went to Birmingham about a year later and saw it in the Bullring. I was super happy and amazed at how huge the shop was! Three floors ladies. It reminds me of H&M and Topshop in that it is pretty on trend, has loads on offer and has great price tags. One of the first things I bought was a skirt which was like £11... £11!! Just crazy.

So when Dave said we had tickets to go see the Arenacross in Birmingham last weekend I immediately started planning what time we should leave so I could have enough time to go into the Bullring, hit up Forever 21 and then get back over the The NEC. It was like a dream day.
I know some of you may be thinking, get over it. But it's such a great shop and it's a shame the nearest one is a good hour or so's drive.
So, back to what I bought! I didn't go as crazy as I would have liked to. I had Dave with me who was obviously unimpressed with this diversion and I also am trying not to spend too much money at the moment. So I took into the changing room about 9 items and bought 4. Not too bad! There were things I umm-ed and ahh-ed over but I thought it's not worth buying and regretting seen as I wouldn't be able to return it!

spring jumper
£16.75 Forever 21

Forever 21

The first thing I laid eyes on was this neon green jumper. I have a big, baggy jumper from Topshop which, admittedly  is tonnes warmer as it's thicker but this was only £16.75 and I loved how bright it was for Spring. Dave said he liked it too which I was surprised about so this was a definite purchase from the moment I stepped in the doors!

Spring cream top
£14.75 Forever 21
I also bought this pretty white/cream 3/4 length top with lace/crochet detailing on the back. I thought it would be another nice item for Spring and I don't own anything like it at all. Come to think of it I don't own many tops that have a lot of sleeve! It's very odd. I'm a short sleeve, cardigan type of gal normally but this I just loved.

Peplum black top
£9.75 Forever 21
Navy peplum top
£12.00 Forever 21
I then had a bit of a peplum spree and picked up about 3 peplum tops, as you do! I opted for this very casual, black one with small shoulder sleeves as I just loved the stretchy material and thought it would be great on a day to day basis or dressed up. The second one is much more sophisticated with the zip going all the way down to the end so you can put it on a bit like a hospital gown! I didn't realise this until I took it off and thought I broke it. Scary. I thought I could wear this for work, once I get some better bottoms or even as another more dressy occasion. 

So all in all I'm really happy with my purchases, I wish I could have found more for work, as I'm still struggling to find things that I really like, but I'm sure I'll find some things soon.

I'm going to the pub to watch England v Ireland rugby today which I hope will be good. Have a lovely rest of the weekend.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

A few bits I've picked up

Hello all! I had a bit of a poopy morning yesterday. I had the day off and I'd been looking online at some new skincare I thought I'd buy and some foundation but then in the morning I washed my hair and was starting to get ready and my scalp, oh my god, it was just so so dry and flaky after washing. I usually use my Neutrogena T Sal Therapeutic shampoo but thought I'd see how my head did without it - what a mistake!! This got me in such a downer and I just had one of those 'I hate everything' moments. But once I got out the house I felt a bit better and just thought, I'll overcome it and it's not the end of the world.

Liz Earle

Cleans and polish hot cloth cleanser

L'oreal heat protect styling spray

Lush mint julips

So, I've been using No7's skincare products for a good 8 months and I was starting to realise that just using a cleansing water and a exfoliator once or twice a week just wasn't cutting it. I'm 24 now and my skin needs a bit more TLC! I am very tempted to buy the Antipodes Divine face oil but for some reason something has held me back. It's one of those things I want to speak to someone in person about but I wouldn't know the first place to go for it! eep. So the first thing I thought I'd try is the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. Lots and lots of you and other bloggers have used this and love it and so I couldn't miss out! I picked up the starter kit from John Lewis for £14.50 which I think is a really good price for such a renowned product. You get 100ml of product and two cloths and I used it a few hours after buying to remove my makeup and am very excited to give it a proper review in a month or so!

I  then wanted to tackle my scalp problem and thought Lush would be just the place for some advice firstly and maybe a shampoo or treatment. The lady was so helpful, aren't they always? She said she had used the product, called Soak and Float, herself when she had psoriasis on her scalp and it cleared it right up! The one downside, it absolutely stinks! But I guess if something is meant to be good for your skin it's not always going to smell great. She showed me a few other products that might help but I get wary of putting too much product on places where I have problems in case it gets worse. As I was in there I picked up the infamous lip scrub in Mint Julips. I have dry lips so I'm looking forward to using this regularly and seeing an improvement.
Another item I've picked up recently is L'Oreal's Heat Styling Spray for volume. I've been really bad in the last few years with protecting my hair from heat, I must have thought I was indestructible or something haha. So I figured it was about time I got something to protect it when blow drying and liked the sound of something that would help give volume too. I have quite a lot of hair, but it's not really thick so it tends to look a bit flat and gross. I think the packaging is really slick too and it has a really good on/off button in case it accidentally sprays all over the place you keep it!

So those are some exciting new products I'll be reviewing here in due time. I'm off to Birmingham in a few hours to watch the Arenacross. I know it sounds very boyish but I do enjoy it and it means I get to have a sneak around Forever 21 too! Hope you all have a fun Saturday.