Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Revlon Colour Burst Creme Brulee

Hiya all! I have seen these lip butters on lots of blogs and, as I have a bit of an issue with lipsticks, I really wanted to try one! My lips are quite dry, all the time so when I put lipstick on it just looks awful, and I like the thought of having a coloured lip!
So anyway, I had a £3 off Revlon products at Boots so it was an ideal chance to get one.

They have so many different colours, most of them I would say are pinks/reds so quite bright but I wanted something nude so I could wear it whenever and with whatever, so I picked up Creme Brulee. It was the only nude shade in the selection (by first looks) so I quickly swatched a few of the others on my hand and went to pay for my very boring nude lip butter.

The packaging is nice, it looks and feels more expensive than what it is (£7.99) and they have colour coordinated with the shade the lip butter is which is cute!

I would say that for a nude it is very nude! It's quite shimmery, which is mostly what you can see from the swatch. One thing I would say is that it doesn't really look like I have any colour at all on my lips so I'm not wow-ed by the product, but then for a nude what can I expect? My lips do look very moisturised though and it felt nice to not just be putting on my daily lip butter!

I will try another colour but I'm really struggling as they all seem so bright, and pink! What do you think? Have you tried any that have looked different on your lips?

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Ice Cream Nails

Hiya! I thought I'd do my nails a little bit different today and was tempted to try the ombre nails trend that I've seen a few fellow bloggers trying recently. I went up and poured out all my nail polishes and only had 4 that were the same colour (ish) but different shades. So unfortunately not this time round!

So, I've seen a lot of 'ice cream' shades in fashion this Summer so decided to pick the two colours I thought would go quite well together and just mess around a bit and put them together. Now I'm not good at all at nail art so I apologise for the roughness of my nails, but I like it all the same!

To create this look I used 17's Lasting Fix in Sweet Kisses and Barry M in Peach Melba, both of which have been used previously here and here.

Hope you like! Love to see any nail designs you've been trying this weekend.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Hiya & thanks!

I haven't really done this yet and I thought now would be a nice time. I just wanted to say thanks to all those that do follow and have a look and spend time to comment on here. I started a blog to learn more about the beauty world and have a little piece of me on the internet that I could look back on and smile and giggle at (most likely). I don't get the same amount of time as most people do to blog, which I wish I did, but when I do it's nice to see people viewing the post and interacting with me! :)

So, THANKS GUYS! Hope you are liking and if you want to give me any feedback or views then they're always welcome. x

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Smashbox Brow Tech - All gone!

Last week I realised my beloved Smashbox Browtech To Go was almost finished. As you can see from the picture you can't even see the writing on it! I couldn't really remember where I bought it but I thought it would be pretty simple to buy again and left it until this weekend to explore. To my horror I haven't found the seller on Ebay and the only way I could buy is through QVC or the Debenhams. Don't get me wrong this is fine but when you can buy it cheaper elsewhere then why not, right?!

I can't believe I haven't told you about this yet, and was thinking of doing a post all about it. I never used to worry about my eyebrows much but out of nowhere I started looking at my eyebrows and noticed the ends are so blonde that it looks like I have half an eyebrow!! I also started to notice my friends filling them in or having them tattoo'ed. So after watching a segment on QVC with lots of Smashbox products I had a google and purchased the Brow Tech To Go in Brunette. They do a palette plus brush but I thought the pen would be so much easier and quicker, and can take it with me if needed.

It is almost like a pencil but much, I want to say creamier/smoother when applying and it is angled which is great so it doesn't make my eyebrows look fake. At the end it also has a brush with gel to brush through your eyebrows and set the colour. It is such a great product and now I'm in two minds as to purchase again (full price), buy the palette or consider a different eyebrow tool.

Do you have any recommendations? Have you used Smashbox Brow Tech before? Love to hear your thoughts as usual.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Batiste XXL

I love bigger hair. My hair, although is kind of thick, looks so flat after a day or even less! So when I saw the new Batiste XXL volume dry shampoo I thought it would be a-mazing! I love Batiste, I own up to using it almost every day, it's became one of those products I just have to have or I'll shove my hair up.

I sprayed the usual amount of Batiste on my hair a day or so after buying it and followed the instructions, rubbing into my hair and really did see the difference. So off I went to work with bouncier, bigger hair - feeling a bit more glam. When I went to brush my fingers through my hair though I couldn't! It was the worst feeling, my hair felt really sticky and matted. I hadn't done anything different apart from use Batiste so I wasn't impressed.

I gave it another chance though, I never get put off a product just through one failed attempt. It could have been something I did after all....yeah right! It still couldn't do anything with my hair it was so frustrating! It also made it feel really dry and like I wanted to just go home and wash it. Normally with the ordinary dry shampoo's my hair just feels the same except more refreshed.

I would not recommend using this for a normal day. There will be loads of people out there though who love having big hair and wouldn't mind about not being able to touch it. I may even use it on an evening out if I want big hair which I can then forget about for the night. But I'm quite disappointed.

Have you used it? Do you use any other volume products?

Sunday, 10 June 2012


I had to pop into town yesterday to take some tops back that I haven't worn for work so I thought it'd be a good time to seriously start taking care of my skin. I've not really thought or read up on skincare but through blogging I have realised that no matter how much you spend on makeup and how much or little you wear if you don't have good skin it will never look it's best.
As I had a No7 voucher I thought I'd give them a go first of all.
I walked in, really not sure where to look or what to think and found they cater for three different skin tones; dry/very dry, normal/dry and normal/oily. I do feel I probably have combination skin as it can feel dry before moisturising but then feels oily too and I have recently been having major breakouts!! I asked the assistant for her advice and she was so lovely, explained all the different products they have on offer and said I should go for normal/oily and start with the cleanser and moisturiser. As it was 3 for 2 (as well has being able to still use the £5 off voucher) I also bought the face mask - which, she told me, also doubles up as an exfoliator.
(L-R No7 foaming cleanser, skin purifying face mask & day cram all for normal/oily skin)

So my new skincare regime will now consist of No7's foaming cleanser, followed by No7 beautiful skin day cream and then I will use the mask when I want a little extra help. Looking forward to letting you all know how it goes. The lady also told me that if I do have a problem then they will swap or give me a full refund! Lovely.

As I was in Boots I caved and bought the Essie nail polish in Mint Candy Apple. I have seen so many bloggers with this shade and I couldn't resist! It's gorgeous. Got home and gave myself a manicure straight away. I hope it lasts well.

I also picked up this ring from Dorothy Perkins. It looked quite unusual and i like the way it wraps around my finger.

Have you bought anything recently? Do you use any No7 skincare products? I was considering doing a video, but I'm not sure what to use - do you use your point & shoot camera to video or your laptop?

Thursday, 7 June 2012


Hiya, me again!
As I've been awol for a little bit I thought I'd update you on what I'm loving at the moment.

(L-R Chanel; Coco Mademoiselle, Trevor Sorbie; Beautiful Volume hairspray, L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream, Real Techniques Buffing Brush, Boots Coconut & Almond lip butter)

My nan bought me this Chanel perfume a year and a half ago for Christmas and as it was such a luxury and rather expensive I didn't use it very much. When I went to see her about a month ago she gave me the one she had as she just couldn't push down to release the perfume. Obviously very sad for my nan but it made me realise I should be using my perfumes not saving them for a special occasion! So I have been using this almost every day at the moment and it makes me feel so grown up and ladylike.

Although I have thick hair it never looks voluminous, this is where Trevor Sorbie comes in handy! Hairspray can smell so strong and get stuck in your throat but I actually like the smell of this one! It doesn't make my hair stiff like most hairsprays but still has holding power and boosts my hair too. I got this one last week and noticed today that they are still on a two for £6 offer - they RRP at £5.10 so I got two which is a bargain.

As I raved about in my last post I have been using this BB cream a lot recently, due to nicer weather and fake tanning. You can read why I like it more now if you click the above link.

Now, this bad boy I have had for about 6 weeks after reading so many great reviews and watching videos. I LOVE IT. I actually washed it yesterday and where it didn't dry in time for me to do my makeup this morning I had to use my old, MAC foundation brush and oh my god it was awful! I felt like I was really scraping my face with it and that my foundation was just being brushed around my face. Awful. The Buffing Brush is so soft it feels beautiful when you do your makeup and blends so well.

And last but not least a little product I use everyday is my Boots lip butter. It's only basic but I really love the scent of coconuts and almonds during summer. It reminds me of sun tan lotion which makes me happy. I have quite dry lips so a lip butter really moisturises and hydrates. I've had mine a while and I'm not even half way through yet! I've now gone on to buy the same but in body moisturiser! Naughty.

What have you been using recently? Please leave a comment :)

P.S Anyone notice how I've blurred the background of my image - what do you think? Is it a do or a don't!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Who are you?!

Hello everyone. Firstly i'm sorry I have been silent for a month! (I can't believe it's been a whole month) I had such a stressful final exam period at Uni and then as soon as that was over I started my new job! Yes, literally I had my last ever exam and then I went to work the next day. Didn't even give myself a little break! So I've been busy with that, getting used to working 9-5.30 and just haven't had the mind space to blog. But I hope now, once I get my bodyclock in gear with work, I can get back into blogging because I was loving it and I have so much I want to tell you all!!

Something I wanted to let you know is that L'Oreal's Nude Magique BB cream (see review here) has completly grown on my recently! I wasn't overly impressed with it in my review, although it was the first BB cream I had tried. It was far too dark for my skin tone and so I thought it would be one of those that just gets put back into the make up bag. But as it's been getting warmer and the sun has been shining I have been tanning and that means I needed something a bit darker for my face - I never put actual fake tan on my face you see. So I have been using this and I now love it! It gives my face that tanned glow that matches the rest of my body and it's so lightweight I can just forget about it, no need to touch it up!

So, for now this is me. I hope everyone who has finished things like Uni didn't get too over-worked and are enjoying the summer so far!!
And, just in case you forgot who I was, here is a lil piccy of me and the bf from my cousins wedding Friday - as you will notice I am now back to blonde!