Saturday, 31 March 2012

New Look haul plus new wardrobe!

So after finishing all my coursework and teaching at Uni I thought I deserved a little treat and had a quick but nice shopping trip with one of my Uni friends. I feel like I haven't been shopping in agggges! It's probably not actually that long but I haven't bought any new spring/summer clothes yet and it's been teasing me for too long. So here are my purchases, not a lot but felt much better and they are all from New Look and under £20!

This is also a sneaky glimpse at my new wardrobe!! Very excited about this, I am having my very own dressing/getting ready room so we have got a new, massive wardrobe - seriously it is so tall I have to have the rail nearly half way down. Got some racks there at the bottom for me to pop lots of items in and then have my shoes on the very bottom, which I'm not really sure about yet as I can't get to them very well!
Anyway, here are my three items, a taupe maxi dress, a crop bralet top and a floaty blouse.

I wanted to buy a new maxi as the two I have at the moment are quite dressy and there is lots of effort involved when wearing them, but this one is so comfy! I really love how I can just pop this on and just chill out.

Bralets have never been my friend. I've tried a few on, mostly Topshop, but find it looks really awful with bigger boobs! I look like I'm literally in my underwear. This one jumped out at me because it had lots of room and is a soft, stretchy material. Don't get me wrong I won't be wearing it around casually, I'll probably keep it to wear on holiday or maybe with a maxi skirt so there isn't too much on show!

Lastly, I purchased this really pretty floaty top. It's just really spring looking and I liked the rouching on the front to give it a bit of shape.


Friday, 30 March 2012

Peep Show

Hello readers! Sorry for my lack of communication on pretty much all levels (blog and twitter). I have just finished my final year of University! Well, I have 4 exams in May but for now that it is and I feel so free. So back to my little hobby, blogging!

After my haul of 17 Cosmetics in Boots a few weeks ago I have been using my Peep Show mascara every day. I like to give mascaras a few days/a week before I decide if I truly like it because I like to get used to the new wand and the textures and get into the routine of what works best.

The mascara states to give you lengthened lashes from root to tip, voluptuous volume and no clumps but most of all a full, flirty flutter. I really like the end of it's description and it matches the packaging so well! It's quite Benefit-style, looking very girly but old-school.

Without Peep Show mascara

With Peep Show mascara

I definitely think the mascara lengthens but I wouldn't necessarily say that it helps to create volume. It hasn't put me off the product though as I think the 'flirty flutter' is key this season with looking effortless and simple. I really like how girly it makes my lashes look. My usual mascaras are quite volume heavy which can leave them looking stiff, I am liking the lighter look!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Hide & Chic

As freebies go sometimes they are not great quality but on some occasions they can introduce you to amazing new products.

I picked up my free 17 Cosmetics concealer (see how I got it free here) literally because it was free, I thought I may as well have it. I'm quite dubious about concealers as I do suffer from quite bad dark circles under my eyes and have a lot of redness in other areas. Before I found YSL's Touche Eclat I used a Clinique one and lots of other cheaper brands.

There were only two shades left in Boots, Light Rose or Light Beige. I decided to go for the Light Rose as I was told this is a good match for people with red undertones (like me!)

I tried the product this morning on the top of my MAC foundation, as I usually do and it took a few turns until the liquid began to cover the brush. The other thing I noticed is that there wasn't much product, it would run out very fast. I applied to one eye and had to twist again to do the other eye - which I don't normally do with my YSL.

Aside from these little flaws, which to be fair are acceptable at the low price of £4.99 I actually think I like it!! I expected to come home from Uni today, after having the product on for 5 hours, to look in the mirror and think oh my god what do I look like!! The total opposite happened, my under eyes look pretty good and I'm almost tempted to say they look better than when I use my YSL (did I actually just write that?!).

If you haven't picked up your freebie yet DO IT!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Makeup haul - 17 Cosmetics

After the 17 Cosmetic's Twitter party I posted about some products I wanted to purchase. (See it here) As I've finished my dissertation (wahoo, go me!) I thought I'd treat myself to some new spring nail polishes. The weather was trying to be sunny, but unfortunately it actually ended up pouring down by 3pm and my skinny jeans, blazer and pumps combo got soaked!

A lovely blogger mentioned to me that if you pop your Advantage card into the machine you can get a voucher for a free 17 concealer. Luckily you can still do this until the 20th (go go go!) I also needed a new mascara and, as I already had 4 17 Cosmetics products in my basket, I thought I'd give one of theirs a go.

Off I trotted to the till with my goodies and the assistant told me to go pick up another product, as it was 3 for 2. Now, I did know this but I thought as the concealer was free it would cancel out the 3 for 2 offer. I was totally wrong and manged to pick myself up a free blusher too!

I felt like such a bargainista walking out of boots with three free new pieces of makeup!!

Here's a lil piccy of what I purchased.

I'll write a review of my freebie concealer as well as the mascara soon :)

Monday, 12 March 2012

Rimmel 'Wake Me Up' foundation

Hiya! I sent off for a tester of the new Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation a few weeks ago and got round to testing it today. I'm always dubious of testers as I think, is this really enough for my whole face?! Be assured though, they are!

I got to choose which shade I wanted, which was good, so I chose soft beige, as I wasn't really sure on Rimmel's foundation shades and this looked about right to me.

I used to always wear liquid foundations but started to go off them as they made me feel a bit greasy. I went back to a mousse foundation from MAC but hate how, by wearing every day, it runs out so quickly and is expensive! This one is only £8.99 so not bad for an everyday foundation.

After applying onto my face with my usual foundation brush I was pleased with the shade, it looks a teeny but darker but it's not over-powering and I didn't have to leave the house today so I wasn't bothered.

The foundation is supposed to make your skin look more radiant and healthy, and I had a pretty bad nights sleep (TV was on all night, I hate being alone!) so I was very pleased with the finish.

It made my skin feel bright and totally covered. I like! By the end of the day it did require a little brush of my powder but I always use powder so it has not put me off.

Have you used Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation?

Sunday, 11 March 2012

17's Twitter Party

This evening I joined in on 17 Cosmetic's Twitter party (#17cosmetics). I've never done anything like this before, who knew blogging created such a huge community?! It's honestly amazing the hype and PR 17 have created for themselves through this.

It was going a bit fast for me so I tweeted a few times, trying my best to get involved!
All the girls advice and product suggestions were so helpful, and I got a handy tip about using the Advantage Card machine before paying for my goodies!

So, I'd like to add these beautys to my wish list:

17's BB (Blemish Balm) - I've tried Garnier and L'Oreal and this is only £6.99 so definetly worth a try! The girls gave some positive reviews too.

I love blusher in spring and this one is called "Strawberry Swirl", it makes me just want to eat it! I like blushers that have different shades, and also like them to have quite a deep pink so that it is quite prominent on my skin.

And, as it's 3 for 2 at the moment these Candy Collection nail polishes are a must have! I love nail polishes (varnishes??) and a new season calls for new shades. Think I'll go for 'Orange Soda' (left) 'Sherbert Lemon' (next left) and 'Fairy Cake' (middle).

Loving the spring collection they have at the moment and the names make them sound delicious!

Did you get involved in the Twitter party? What are your must haves from 17?

(All images from

Saturday, 10 March 2012


So the title of this post kind of works. Not only does it (obviously) remind me of that annoying song  by The Police, it was also in the cinema version of Moulin Rouge so I thought it would be okay!

Last night I went out on a hen party for a lady in work and the theme was Moulin Rouge. Cue lots of argghhh we are going to look naked moments and really awkward stares and glances as we walk through the centre of town on a Friday night.

Once all dressed up and makeup'd I got into character and actually really enjoyed the night, as well as the theme. I thought I'd share it with you as I tried to go for bigger/bolder makeup then usual, and my outfit was pretty cute too!

The corset and tutu are from Ebay and I have on a H&M tube skirt.

I used my L'Oreal eyeliner, which I am absolutely loving at the moment! (see review here and here) I have never found an eyeliner that works so well. I alsowore Eyelure fake lashes in Intense (140) and put lots of blush on (although you cannot even see this in the pic!)
My lipstick is No17 "HOT CHILLI", the shade is quite bright for me so I don't get this out very often but it's really smoothe and has good moisture.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

American Aspiration

Since going on holiday to California a couple of years back I have become a little obsessed with all things American. I probably was already intrigued by their culture (I was part of a cheerleading squad) and really wanted to move there when I grew up.

So, when I saw these babies  on Daisy Street Shoes website last night I had to show you. These are now on my wish list for next pay day hopefully they'll be back in stock by then too.

 Solange USA Flag Platform Shoe Boot £35 // Daisy Street Shoes

Not really sure what I'd wear them with, possibly a black ensemble! But, ah, they are so quirky I love them!!

What do you think? Are you a fan of any of Daisy Street Shoe's products?

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector

After the L'Oreal BB cream post, I sent off for a sample of Garnier's new, Miracle Skin Perfector. I was a little unsure about trying another BB but as it has miracle in it's name I thought I'd give it a shot! (logic)

The sample came, as expected, like those you receive free in magazines and as it was late morning and I hadn't gotten dressed and makeup'd I tested it straight away.
I wouldn't normally do this if I had somewhere to be but I only had to go into Uni for an hour so I didn't think much harm could be done.

The formulation was definatley much better than that of L'Oreal's, it was the right colour I was expecting and was quite thick - L'Oreal's version was very thin and transformed into a dark shade once on your skin. I will admit I probably put a little too much onto my face and it looked pretty shiny and wet! (horror) but it really didn't do much covering. It was not the miracle I was hoping for.

(not good!)

I don't think I would try this again but I do still have a glimmer of hope that there is a BB cream out there for me. I don't fancy going around with a full face of makeup when the Summer is here!

Have you tried Garnier's Miracle Skin Perfector? Have you tried other BB creams? Leave me a comment to let me know.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Hair Advice

I’m having a bit of a hair dilemma at the moment. HELP is needed!
 I wanted something that would be easy for up-keep (especially not too pricey) but now I feel a bit like it’s bland. I had brown hair up until I was probably about 16/17, which is when I first changed my complete image and went blonde! I cringe here a little as it was totally peroxide, which made me look sooo pale, and with brown eyebrows it was terrible (looking back). I also had a dodgy cut and unfortunately can’t seem to find any pictures of this, I would love to show you because it is very laughable!!
I have been able to track down a few piccys of my hair from this point on-wards. Once I got over the peroxide look I started having more browns and honey blondes put through, making it look much more natural.

I loved this colour on me but it only lasted a few months unfortunately, I remember having it done by a trainee once in Southampton (during my first attempt at University), but then it started to creep back to full-on blonde bombshell, which was okay, but having been blonde for what felt like FOREVER I then introduced some crazy dark (I would like to say black) chunks by my new, and current, hairdresser.

 It was a different look for me; I felt quite rock chick and edgy, haha. I liked it but decided to try all-over brown, as I hadn’t had it since being at secondary school.

Being quite blonde the brown didn’t take extremely well so it is quite a chocolate brown, which I did think was nice but I had to go back after 4/6 weeks to get it done again. As the up-keep was pretty much the same as my blonde I crawled back to my hairdresser and asked to be blonde again, but also had a dramatic change – I went for the bob!
(Please excuse my expression!)

The bob was cute, but I didn’t like the fact I couldn’t get up some mornings and just put it all up out of my face. It was high maintenance. I started to grow this out after a few months, longing to have below the shoulder hair again. When I look back I can’t believe I did it! My hair was such a nice length and, although I wore extensions for a teeny bit more length and volume, I just felt bored I think.

So, onto another, but darker, shade of brown and now my what I like to call half brown/half blonde kind of colour. It’s like I’m too afraid to go blonde or brown!  But I really want a change and would love to get it done either just before or after I finish all my exams, etc. A bit of an end of an era with Uni and onto a new look and life!

I hope you like the pictures (some of them feel like sooo long ago!!) I think it's always nice to feel like you know the person you're reading about and pictures really help.
Do you think I should go blonde again? Or do you like the colour it is currently? Perhaps you’re going to tell me to go back to brown? I’d love to know what you think so I can finally make a decision (and hopefully stick to it this time).

Thursday, 1 March 2012

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream

I like the idea of not having to wear a full face of makeup every day of the week, especially if I am just nipping out to the shop or only have to go into Uni for an hour or so. Yes, I could potentially not wear any makeup at all but this really isn’t me and my face does not have an even skin tone!
So when I saw L’Oreal’s Nude Magique BB cream I thought I’d give it a try. I put a little blob of the tester onto my hand to check which shade to get (they have fair or dark, not much variation there) and, now I must say I’ve never tested a BB cream before, was a little surprised. The density was really thin and runny so I immediately started rubbing into my hand to see what happened next. It started to go darker, which I thought would be ok for my skin tone as this was the fair shade, and thought it actually gave quite good coverage for a product which isn’t a foundation.
BB creams are designed to give natural looking coverage for skin and have been vastly developed here in the UK with almost all brands selling them. Something similar I have tried in the past, before BB creams, was a Clinique primer which was slightly tinted for the skin tone had an SPF of around 25 but was just not enough coverage for me.
This picture shows the density of the cream, as well as how I have began to smooth it into my hand.

 (Just so you're aware, I took this picture last night just after fake tanning .... so my hand is not usually this strange colour!)
After applying it onto my face I was happy with the outcome at first, it was good coverage and didn’t feel heavy on my face. I used concealer and a little blush to finish.

By mid afternoon, although I couldn’t feel any difference, my face looked really shiny – something I never normally get with foundations. It also looked pretty orange! It definitely did not look like that when I applied it in the morning. The shininess could be dealt with by brushing a little powder onto the areas, but the tone of my skin was just not right and I can’t quite believe this was the fair shade. It’s like it was a gradual tanning lotion which was developing throughout the day!
So, all in all I’m not won over by this product but it will not put me off testing others as I liked the coverage and lightness of the formulation.
Let me know if you've tried this BB cream, or any others, and your thoughts.