Tuesday, 28 February 2012

New Header

I was too excited and eager to get the Models Own post up for you that I forgot to mention my new header!

Now, I used to be pretty PC savvy and play around with icons, logos that sort of thing but my skills definitely need some work... I think it's a pretty good first effort though don't you? Be lovely to hear what you think :)

If anyone has any advice or tips too for making it look better they are welcomed, as I say I am no pro!! x

Monday, 27 February 2012

Models Own Nail Polish

So after seeing Makeup Savvy's blog post on the Models Own nail polish, and always one for a bargain (even if I don't need it!!) I was straight on ASOS to purchase myself some new nail polish. FYI, I always say nail varnish but is it meant to be nail polish? I think it sounds nicer so I'll continue using it for now.
I have been looking for a good gold glittery nail polish since before Christmas so I quickly snapped up the Goldfinger shade and also chose Bubblegum as I liked the brightness. I sent them with supersaver delivery which was free (bargainista!) and was so surpirsed when they arrive only a few days later that I opened them and kind of forget about them for a few days!
Anyway, I treated myself to new colourful nails Saturday night but couldn't decide between the two so used both.

I tend to use Rimmel 60seconds, because I am very impatient and hate it when you take the time to paint your nails and then they smudge. I also use Barry M as they always have great colours. Frist impressions: WOW. I could visabily see the polish drying on my nails after doing the first hand, I also could have probably left it with just the one coat but I did two coats because my nails chip almost instantly.
The gold probably would have looked better with a basecoat as it is a bit sparse in places but happy with it after looking for one for a while!
The Bubblegum shade is quite fluro but it got me in the summer mood and will look amazing with a tan. Maybe I'll get fake tanning and paint them again :)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

L'Oreal eye pictures

I totally forgot to upload the pictures of the L'Oreal products on myself (whoops!), I was in a bit of a rush admittedly, work was calling! So, here they are...

L'Oreal Superliner Gel Intenza

I am pretty impressed with this eyeliner as I look back at the picture. I have never been able to do a sort of  'flick' if you like at the end, and also struggle to get the eyeliner to the corners of my eyes. I think this eyeliner is great because of the the brush applicator. I was easily able to line the corners and gradually create a cat like flick at the end too. Would definately reccommend!! I also put a little on the underneath of my eyes, which makes it look like I have mascara on - which I actually don't.

L'Oreal Quad Pro eyeshadow for Hazel Eyes

This eyeshadow had a very dark base/first colour for my liking really so I found it really hard to blend it well and get a good look. It covered the eyeshadow brush too much so consequently when brushed onto my eye lids almost covered them! Skill is definately required for this product - something I am lacking in : )

I hope the pictures helped you a little better to fully understand my comments, your comments are also always welcome.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

New L'Oreal eye finds

Whilst out today I popped into Boots to grab some face wash and thought I’d have a peak at any new products and offers that they may have going on.
I always struggle to find a really good eyeliner that is easy to use. I would almost go as far as saying my eyes don’t suit eyeliner but perhaps it is just my application! Boots have a 3 for 2 offer at the moment on L'Oreal so I thought this was an ideal opportunity to test a new eyeliner and see how it works for me.

L'Oreal Super Liner Gel Intenza

The pot of eyeliner looks quite small but I can’t see myself getting through it very quickly so quite happy with this. The brush is also very easy to handle and soft, a good thing for around the delicate eye area.
Application is so easy; I am really pleased with the look it gives for little effort. I can honestly say I have never been able to product this look with other eyeliners. Usually I have to really steady myself with eyeliner and use a cotton bud to get the right thickness but with the brush it is simple!

L'Oreal Quad Pro eye shadow for Hazel eyes

I also purchased the L’Oreal eye shadow to test as I generally go without eye colour for day and evening. It took a few tries (probably because of my lack of skill!) and I’m not sure it’s came out the way I had hoped. I wasn’t wearing any other makeup when I tested the product so this may have been why I am not as enthusiastic about it. Or maybe it’s just where I’m not used to seeing myself with colour on my eyes! 
 The good thing about the packaging is it tells you exactly where each shade is supposed to go on your eyelid and they’re even numbered inside so you don’t forget! It comes with a small applicator, but I like to use my own MAC/Boots eye brushes.
Perhaps with a little practice I will master the technique of eye shadow blending, but for now I think this will stay in my makeup bag until I have chance to try again!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Smashbox Photo Set Finishing Powder

After priming the face, applying foundation and concealer you may wonder how models, celebrities and some lucky passers-by get that flawless, set look. I normally used powders which are meant to be for your skin tone but I find these never match the foundation shade you’re wearing and generally never stay put, meaning countless re-applications.

For Christmas I received a photo finish set which comprised of two products; Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer and Smashbox Photo Set Finishing powder. My first impressions were, “what is this?” It comes in a small, round pot and all you can see from this point of view is some kind of white substance. I’ve never seen a clear (or white) powder before and wasn’t quite sure why you would want this. However, after using it I understood. It sets makeup, absorbs oil and reflects light all without running the look your foundation has just given you.
If you have oily skin or foundation that can give you an oily appearance then Smashbox Photo Set Finishing powder is great because it absorbs moisture, as well as guarding against harmful UV rays (SPF15). Loosely apply with a powder brush to forehead, nose, chin and cheeks (or anywhere you tend to get shine) to create a matte finish that will last. The texture is much lighter than an ordinary powder but due to its colour, white, it can leave a white residue in areas where perhaps too much was brushed. I generally find this happens on my chin but it does begin to fade and by the time I leave the house is not as recognisable.
The pot is really cute and easy to take around with you in your bag which is good if you need to re-apply during the day. However, I do have the tendency to make a mess with loose products and this is not an exception.  I usually get a little dusting of powder from opening and closing so bear this in mind!
At £26.10 it is a little investment, but will go a long way as you only need a small amount on your brush each time. I will probably only use it for nights out or if I know I am going to be photographed.

Monday, 20 February 2012


Popped out for an early dinner with the boy today and decided to wear my MAC Shy Girl lipstick. When I went into MAC I asked for a natural looking shade that could be worn every day. This is what it looks like.

I always notice scents with makeup products, I have a powder that although really does the job smells a bit old and fusty! This creamy lipstick has a sweet fragrance that I love! It’s almost as though you could eat it. It is very moisture based so does not cake once applied and has just the right balance between a natural and a pink shade.
I sometimes wear this colour out on the evening too if I want a simple finish.

MAC Shy Girl lipstick RRP £13.50

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Everyday makeup products

My usual beauty routine starts with my Garnier anti-wrinkle eye roll on - you can never be too young for wrinkle prevention! I have used the caffeine eye roll on before but like this one as you get wrinkle free eyes too. To moisturise I use Simple's hydrating light moisturiser for the face, this is a pass-me-down from my mum who has used it since I can remember. I'm a bit of a moisturiser fiend so put it on probably more than I should!

After my beauty prep I use the following products daily.

I've added in the brushes I use too for good measure. The picture consists of (L-R); Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat under-eye concealer, Rimmel London Sun Shimmer bronzer, MAC angled brush (for application of my YSL concealer), Rimmel London Extra Wow Lash Mascara, the Garnier anti-wrinkle eye roll on, Smashbox Brow-tech, a basic kohl pencil eyeliner and my MAC foundation brush and Mineralize SPF15 foundation.
Making this everyday look....

Not really sure why it's so fuzzy!!
I usually finish off my makeup with either Smashox Photo Set Finishing Powder or Max Factor Creme Puff powder.

I have red blotches on my cheeks, nose and chin (my mum once again!) but I've never used any anti-redness products as I have found that my usual routine covers it up quite nicely!

Most of the products mentioned are old-favourites but Smashbox is a brand which I have recently fell in love with and urge everyone to try! After a visit to a Nordstrom shop in California a few years ago the assistant on the MAC counter suggested I try Smashbox's primer and since then I have used it everyday. I use the silicone based, clear formula as I like the velvet feel when you apply it onto your skin.
The oil-free white coloured primer feels as though you are putting on excess moisturiser and, as I do this anyway, it didn't feel right for me! It's a little pricey, £29 for 30ml but it really lasts and means you don't need to re-apply any makeup during the day or evening.

Smashbox is a winner with me and I'll definately be dedicating a few posts to them in the future.


Friday, 17 February 2012

Late, but still worthy, News Years Resolution

So this is my very first blog post!

That excitement after you've spent your wages on new products and you get home and try them out in front the mirror - I love it. You go into the shop after one thing and come out with a bag full of others.
I've recently become more experimental with my make-up, as my boyfriend once said I have a standard - that standard is basic and simple! I have my beauty favourites, which I will reveal in due course, but that look can become boring and safe. I don't want to have a safe look, I want to try new things and hopefully let you in on the good and the not so good products I choose to test.

My favourite places to buy products (both online or otherwise) are:

  • Boots (obviously!)
  • Feelunique.com
  • Justbeautydirect.co.uk
  • Debenhams
  • Ebay
As my adventure into new beauty products continues I'm sure there will be many more places to add. For now, they are going to be seeing lots of me.

So, as a business student I'm hoping to pursue a career in beauty/fashion PR/marketing and hope that this blog will get me that one step closer. If you like it, let people know, if you have requests or suggestions they are always welcome. I've always had a passion for writing, after writing for school and college newspapers, so I hope this blog serves at least one person well.