Thursday, 7 June 2012


Hiya, me again!
As I've been awol for a little bit I thought I'd update you on what I'm loving at the moment.

(L-R Chanel; Coco Mademoiselle, Trevor Sorbie; Beautiful Volume hairspray, L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream, Real Techniques Buffing Brush, Boots Coconut & Almond lip butter)

My nan bought me this Chanel perfume a year and a half ago for Christmas and as it was such a luxury and rather expensive I didn't use it very much. When I went to see her about a month ago she gave me the one she had as she just couldn't push down to release the perfume. Obviously very sad for my nan but it made me realise I should be using my perfumes not saving them for a special occasion! So I have been using this almost every day at the moment and it makes me feel so grown up and ladylike.

Although I have thick hair it never looks voluminous, this is where Trevor Sorbie comes in handy! Hairspray can smell so strong and get stuck in your throat but I actually like the smell of this one! It doesn't make my hair stiff like most hairsprays but still has holding power and boosts my hair too. I got this one last week and noticed today that they are still on a two for £6 offer - they RRP at £5.10 so I got two which is a bargain.

As I raved about in my last post I have been using this BB cream a lot recently, due to nicer weather and fake tanning. You can read why I like it more now if you click the above link.

Now, this bad boy I have had for about 6 weeks after reading so many great reviews and watching videos. I LOVE IT. I actually washed it yesterday and where it didn't dry in time for me to do my makeup this morning I had to use my old, MAC foundation brush and oh my god it was awful! I felt like I was really scraping my face with it and that my foundation was just being brushed around my face. Awful. The Buffing Brush is so soft it feels beautiful when you do your makeup and blends so well.

And last but not least a little product I use everyday is my Boots lip butter. It's only basic but I really love the scent of coconuts and almonds during summer. It reminds me of sun tan lotion which makes me happy. I have quite dry lips so a lip butter really moisturises and hydrates. I've had mine a while and I'm not even half way through yet! I've now gone on to buy the same but in body moisturiser! Naughty.

What have you been using recently? Please leave a comment :)

P.S Anyone notice how I've blurred the background of my image - what do you think? Is it a do or a don't!


  1. Just stumbled onto your blog, I quite like the blurred background picture, it highlights the products better. I love the Real Techniques Buffing Brush :) You have intrigued me with the hairspray too, may have to look into it :)

    1. Ah thank you! Yes definitely I didn't know about it until I got a mini version for Xmas. Don't like buying any other now! x

  2. I LOVE Coco Mademoiselle :) x


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