Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Batiste XXL

I love bigger hair. My hair, although is kind of thick, looks so flat after a day or even less! So when I saw the new Batiste XXL volume dry shampoo I thought it would be a-mazing! I love Batiste, I own up to using it almost every day, it's became one of those products I just have to have or I'll shove my hair up.

I sprayed the usual amount of Batiste on my hair a day or so after buying it and followed the instructions, rubbing into my hair and really did see the difference. So off I went to work with bouncier, bigger hair - feeling a bit more glam. When I went to brush my fingers through my hair though I couldn't! It was the worst feeling, my hair felt really sticky and matted. I hadn't done anything different apart from use Batiste so I wasn't impressed.

I gave it another chance though, I never get put off a product just through one failed attempt. It could have been something I did after all....yeah right! It still couldn't do anything with my hair it was so frustrating! It also made it feel really dry and like I wanted to just go home and wash it. Normally with the ordinary dry shampoo's my hair just feels the same except more refreshed.

I would not recommend using this for a normal day. There will be loads of people out there though who love having big hair and wouldn't mind about not being able to touch it. I may even use it on an evening out if I want big hair which I can then forget about for the night. But I'm quite disappointed.

Have you used it? Do you use any other volume products?


  1. I love Batiste! I use it all the time, some days I don't know what I'd do without it!xo


  2. I never really liked Batiste. Have tried it before. Great post. x

  3. i adore batiste products! cannot be without their dry shampoo :)



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