Friday, 17 August 2012

Festival beauty essentials

I'm off to Creamfields next weekend and so I wanted to ask you what things you think I should take. If you've been to any festivals so far this year, or last year, what did you take?
I'm planning on tanning before I go so then I can wear minimal makeup - I'm not going to exactly have a big mirror to sit in front of to get ready!. So I'm thinking of taking my L'Oreal BB Cream, mascara, concealer and bronzer and/or blusher. I bought a new tube of Smashbox Primer this week and received a lovely sample which I can now take with me without the worry of losing a full tube! 

What else would you take? Any top tips for keeping yourself beautiful in a field? I should add that we don't have hospitality so no showers! Ahh!

Also, are any of you going to be there? :) I can't wait!

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