Monday, 5 March 2012

Hair Advice

I’m having a bit of a hair dilemma at the moment. HELP is needed!
 I wanted something that would be easy for up-keep (especially not too pricey) but now I feel a bit like it’s bland. I had brown hair up until I was probably about 16/17, which is when I first changed my complete image and went blonde! I cringe here a little as it was totally peroxide, which made me look sooo pale, and with brown eyebrows it was terrible (looking back). I also had a dodgy cut and unfortunately can’t seem to find any pictures of this, I would love to show you because it is very laughable!!
I have been able to track down a few piccys of my hair from this point on-wards. Once I got over the peroxide look I started having more browns and honey blondes put through, making it look much more natural.

I loved this colour on me but it only lasted a few months unfortunately, I remember having it done by a trainee once in Southampton (during my first attempt at University), but then it started to creep back to full-on blonde bombshell, which was okay, but having been blonde for what felt like FOREVER I then introduced some crazy dark (I would like to say black) chunks by my new, and current, hairdresser.

 It was a different look for me; I felt quite rock chick and edgy, haha. I liked it but decided to try all-over brown, as I hadn’t had it since being at secondary school.

Being quite blonde the brown didn’t take extremely well so it is quite a chocolate brown, which I did think was nice but I had to go back after 4/6 weeks to get it done again. As the up-keep was pretty much the same as my blonde I crawled back to my hairdresser and asked to be blonde again, but also had a dramatic change – I went for the bob!
(Please excuse my expression!)

The bob was cute, but I didn’t like the fact I couldn’t get up some mornings and just put it all up out of my face. It was high maintenance. I started to grow this out after a few months, longing to have below the shoulder hair again. When I look back I can’t believe I did it! My hair was such a nice length and, although I wore extensions for a teeny bit more length and volume, I just felt bored I think.

So, onto another, but darker, shade of brown and now my what I like to call half brown/half blonde kind of colour. It’s like I’m too afraid to go blonde or brown!  But I really want a change and would love to get it done either just before or after I finish all my exams, etc. A bit of an end of an era with Uni and onto a new look and life!

I hope you like the pictures (some of them feel like sooo long ago!!) I think it's always nice to feel like you know the person you're reading about and pictures really help.
Do you think I should go blonde again? Or do you like the colour it is currently? Perhaps you’re going to tell me to go back to brown? I’d love to know what you think so I can finally make a decision (and hopefully stick to it this time).


  1. I love the colour your hair is at the moment, I don't think you should go back to the blonde =D

    Hope this helps!!!


    1. Ah thank you. Maybe I will try and stick it out for a little longer to see if it grows on me more xx

  2. Well, a good compromise would be caramel? I wouldn't personally go for lighter that honey blonde and not too dark either. Caramel is in between blonde and light brown and would look really goon on you I thinks plus, it's a great spring colour as well :)

    1. I think I'm just not sure on all over colours. I feel like my hair at the moment is starting to look that way, with no definition, I like it when I can actually see my highlights or lowlights! Argh, hair is so confusing x

  3. Looks like you can pull off any color well, unlike me (Iwent platinum once and I have dark hair and an olive skin tone (agh can you imagine!)...For easy up keep, your natural color, or something close to it would be best. I never dye my hair anymore and I hardly ever cut it either...very easy to manage haha. I am now a follower:) I would love it if you gave my blog a visit and followed back:)

    <3 Marielley

    1. Thanks, I think I do look OKAY in all colours but at the moment I just feel ... boring! haha. Have followed you back, your blog is really good!! I wish I had a decent camera to take more photos x

  4. I really like the current colour. Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine and enter my Boohoo Giveaway!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons

  5. I think you suit both hair colours but have to say my fave do on you is the short blonde!


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