Sunday, 28 October 2012

Vegas haul

Hiiii I'm back from my holibobs and raring to get back in the bloggersphere. I wanted to do a little post before I left on what I was taking and the goodies I had bought before - I always find I spend loads before holiday not sure why. But I ran out of time so here is my first post since being back - what I bought in Las Vegas. When I got all the bits out to take pictures I thought, what!? Surely I bought more than this. But I guess I just didn't buy that much! I bought a lot of presents that I'll be keeping for Christmas and things for my gorgeous niece so this is what beauty bits I managed to get for myself... 


I'm not a MAC addict but if I hear good things about it and find myself with a bit of spare money I will go in for a cheeky purchase, but it is expensive! I went into the MAC store in Ceasars Palace as I've been really wanting to try eyeshadows. Whenever I look at my face recently I feel like it's really plain, maybe it's just me but nothing stands out I seem to get stuck in the rut of wearing the same things everyday and looking pretty ordinary. So I went in and one of the many lovely assistants choose six shades out for me after I said I'd like to try natural shades and showed me how to apply them myself. This was amazing. I think the thing about eyeshadows is I never could quite get it right and after she did one eye I did the other and it was so helpful, I've never had anyone offer to do this for me here in the UK. Anyway she told me I could buy then separately or have them put into a quad so they were all together. I opted to get the quad as I thought it was easy and looked quite sleek and pretty in the box. I stupidly let the assistant throw away the packs the colours came in so I'm stuck on which shades I bought but they are beautiful and you can see them up close below! I also wanted to try the Pro Sculpting Cream after seeing a few posts and videos on it so picked that one up as well as a new concealer.
I spent a long time browsing in a beauty shop called Ulta nearby to The Strip and came away with a few goodies, mostly presents though! I picked up Maybelline's Full n Soft Mascara after hearing Anna rave about it and must say it lives up to it's name! My lashes are   very soft and pretty full but probably not as full as some of my other mascaras, but then you don't get the softness! Ah. I also grabbed a Babylips and I am gutted I didn't buy more, it is so nourishing and looks great on the lips. I got it in Peach Kiss but picked up Pink Punch and Grape Vine as presents for my boyfriends sister. Lucky girl.
The other product is Neutrogena's T/Sal Therapeutic shampoo. I have suffered from a dry and flaky scalp for a long time but recently I have noticed it getting worse, especially so in the winter. A fellow beauty blogger suggested this product to me on Twitter and after having a good search online and reading up on it I thought I'd definitely try it. I've used it twice so far and it's thumbs up so far but I will do a proper review on it soon.

As well as these amazing products I also bought a pair of Vans, my boyfriend surprised me with a new Pandora charm (the suitcase which has his initials on) and we got an iPad! I know, bit extravagant but we had umm'd and ahh'd about it for so long and I won $100 whilst gambling so we just did it. I love it and can't' wait to use it to help grow my blog.

Would you like to see any of the pictures from the holiday? We had such a lovely time and it really made me reassess everything and see things a bit more positively :) Hope you are all well!


  1. I'm jealous of the babylips, they look amazing!
    i have nominated you for the liebster blog award, please check it out :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I got a (more) summery pair too! x

  3. the mac quad looks amazing! really been wanting one like that!
    hareem xx

    1. Thanks, it does! Looks very sleek and professional x


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