Sunday, 7 October 2012

Autumn OOTD

I don't generally do OOTD's because I don't wear anything very special! I go to work which is quite formal/smart casual and then unless I am actually doing something on an evening I get home and put my joggers or PJs on! I'm all about comfort and snuggling.
But I love Autumn clothes and whilst I was getting ready this morning I thought I'd show you what I was wearing, as it is a typical Autumn outfit for me.

I LOVE tights in this weather usually wear dresses or long jumpers so that I can wear them. Although when it starts to get super cold there not as practical. As a side note look how long my hair is getting!! Crazy. I had the highlights done again last week so it's very bright at the moment too! Not sure if I'm liking the blondeness or if I will go brown ....

My dress is from H&M
 Boots are New Look 
Tights probably Primark or Asda (somewhere like this)
Scarf is a market stall
Ring is Pandora

What are your go to clothes in Autumn? Hope you've had a nice weekend x


  1. cute outfit!i love pretty dresses & tights for winter :) x

  2. i love dresses with boots combo... it's girly but with an edge too... like wearing a dress with a biker jacket. fab outfit xxx


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