Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Bare Beauty

Models Own Bare Beauty

I was going through a bit of a neutral, nude phase so when the Models Own sale was on a little while back I picked up the shade 'Bare Beauty'. I don't really have any nude polishes and so I thought this would be nice to wear for during the week or whatever when I didn't want overly flashy nails.
I had Shellac nails for 2 weeks after I received my Models Own order so I only used it for the first time last week and to be honest I didn't like it! It was much more orange-y than it was 'bare'. I don't think it looks like that in it's bottle but when it was on the nails I really didn't like it and it chipped really easily! I don't tend to find that my Models Own polishes chip that easily but this one just wouldn't stay on.
So I am yet to find a nice neutral polish - if you own one tell me below!! 

On another note I have picked the winner of my giveaway and will do a little post tomorrow to officially announce it... Although I have already told her as I was too excited!! I also did something quite exciting at the weekend which I will share with you soon. (N.B This was supposed to be published last night... so will get another one up tonight!)
Hope you are all having a nice week x


  1. I really like the colour! Gorgeous! And I'm a models own addict anyway haha :) x

  2. Ah I'm unconvinced by the colour too, the tone is really orange for a nude :(

  3. I really like the color despite the fact that it really isn't nude. It could serve as a good peach- colored polish though.


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