Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Happy Birthday!

 Yes, it was my birthday last Friday. As I get older it becomes less exciting and a little more daunting to be honest, I get all that worry about turning another year older and, as I am now 24, I start to think should I be doing something with my life?! However I tried to put this as the back of my mind and look forward to the day I had planned.

Before I go into what I did on the day I wanted to share some of the main presents I received from family.

Enrapture Extremity Head Rollers - I've wanted heated rollers for about 6 months now and knew these were one of the best but the price was too much for me to just buy on my own. After watching Corrie's youtube video I fell in love with them again and the urge to buy them kept creeping back! When Enrapture tweeted to say they were currently on offer I knew I had to ask my mum to buy them! I'm so glad she did, they are wonderful! I'll do a proper post on them soon though.

DKNY bag - Whilst in America my boyfriend asked if I'd like a bag or purse for my birthday as he knew I loved the bag my sister, brother and I bought my mum last year for her 50th. They had like 40% off and were probably last seasons but I love it! I have a big thing for tan which I can't seem to get rid of and it just looks very luxurious with it's gold chains and fastener. It's slightly too small for my purse so that's the only downside to it.

Pandora charm - My mum and dad got me a Pandora bracelet for my graduation in July and since then it has grown massively!  My brother and sister kindly bought me a cute heart charm with a key on a chain. It's not something I would really think to ask for which I like as I don't like knowing and asking for everything, surprises are welcome!

No7 Cleansing Water - My cleansing water was sadly running out so my boyfriends mum got me a replacement, yippee  I wasn't sure on the cleansing water to begin with, I quite liked the foaming cleanser but I actually do prefer it. It makes it really feel like your skin is being cleaner whereas the foaming cleanser didn't feel like it was getting into your pores and doing anything special.

Batitse Blush - It seems my family know me very well and luckily mine had literally ran out that morning!! This is the 400ml bottle so is huge. My favourite is tropical but Blush is very girly and does exactly the same thing really.

Chocolates - What girl could live without chocolate? I hardly every get bought chocolate, or flowers for that matter, so was pleasantly surprised when I had chocolate from almost every person that bought me a present! It's quite nice having your birthday at this time of year because you start to eat a bit more anyway in the Christmas run up. 

Batitse, No7

I'm so grateful and pleased with what I had on my birthday, and the day was made even more special by what we did...

I've been wanting to go to Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studios since I heard it was opening. I thought about booking it for the opening month but realised it was just too close to the end of Uni so put it off and put it off and then thought when am I going to go?! My boyfriend and I decided we'd go on my birthday, luckily he is also a Potter fan! What a catch. I've seen so many of my friends post pictures on Facebook but have avoided looking because I didn't want to spoil the surprise on the day - I sound so cheesy!! Anyway we went and it was a-mazing! I would recommend it to anyone who likes HP, even if you've just seen a few films but aren't avid fans. It was just overwhelming the amount of effort put into it. I won't spoil it for people who haven't yet gone but here is my fave pic of the day!

Harry Potter

Hope you're all doing okay! Don't forget about my giveaway x


  1. Happy birthday!!! Looks like you got some lovely presents :)

  2. happy belated birthday :) the dkny bag is bloody gorgeous xxx

  3. I really like the No7 Beautiful Skin range, the night cream worked well on my oily skin.

    Lucy x

    1. Ah thank you, haven't tried the night cream yet as I'm not sure what the difference is really! x

  4. Aww you lucky girl , lovely birthday bits xx


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