Monday, 19 March 2012

Hide & Chic

As freebies go sometimes they are not great quality but on some occasions they can introduce you to amazing new products.

I picked up my free 17 Cosmetics concealer (see how I got it free here) literally because it was free, I thought I may as well have it. I'm quite dubious about concealers as I do suffer from quite bad dark circles under my eyes and have a lot of redness in other areas. Before I found YSL's Touche Eclat I used a Clinique one and lots of other cheaper brands.

There were only two shades left in Boots, Light Rose or Light Beige. I decided to go for the Light Rose as I was told this is a good match for people with red undertones (like me!)

I tried the product this morning on the top of my MAC foundation, as I usually do and it took a few turns until the liquid began to cover the brush. The other thing I noticed is that there wasn't much product, it would run out very fast. I applied to one eye and had to twist again to do the other eye - which I don't normally do with my YSL.

Aside from these little flaws, which to be fair are acceptable at the low price of £4.99 I actually think I like it!! I expected to come home from Uni today, after having the product on for 5 hours, to look in the mirror and think oh my god what do I look like!! The total opposite happened, my under eyes look pretty good and I'm almost tempted to say they look better than when I use my YSL (did I actually just write that?!).

If you haven't picked up your freebie yet DO IT!


  1. Oooh might have to go and grab this tomorrow!

  2. Great post hope they still have this on tomorrow!


  3. Hey :) You have a lovely blog, I've followed! It would be great if you followed me back, you could be 50th follower which means I can start my giveaway! Yay!


    1. Hi! Thanks for the comment, sorry it has taken so long to reply - my new post explains a little! Your blog looks great too, I'll pop on and follow although I can see you have over 50 now ;) well done xx


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