Saturday, 22 September 2012

What's in my basket

I've had this little basket thing for a while now. In my mum and dads house I had the smallest, box room ever so I literally have no where to put stuff. That's where the basket came in handy. I used it to fill with lots of goodies so it was all contained rather than dotted all over the place. I then kind of forgot about it when I moved out and recently went round to bring it back as my stuff is starting to take over here too! haha.
So, I thought I'd do a little post and tell you what's actually inside it... I won't go through every product as there are too many bits and bobs but I hope it's informative and you like!


It is literally a basket full of many many things! Here goes..

No7 Cleansing water & No7 Overnight Radiance Boost: So I've popped my skincare products into here and they are fairly near the top as I obviously use them daily. I've been using the cleansing water for about a month now and I'm not loving it, I much preferred the foaming cleanser so if you're unsure go for that one! The Overnight Radiance Boost I haven't fully got into a habit of using it yet so I can't say too much about this one. Hold tight!
Garnier Ombre Solaire Golden Protect: I picked this up the other week as I'm off on my hols in 3 weeks! (woohooo) It's not going to be a lazy sunbathing holiday so I liked how this particular suntan lotion has luminous pear shimmer as I'd like to think when I'm walking around Vegas I'll look sunkissed rather than just really pale and sticky. We'll see! I always buy around SPF10 too which I know is quite bad but I have quite thick skin which doesn't burn too easily as long as I reapply.
GHD's: Yes the mighty GHDs are in my basket when they're not being used, which to be honest the last year I haven't really used them often. I would say I now straighten or style my hair with these twice a week. I'm trying to be good as I want my hair to grow grow grow!! Once it gets to an acceptable length though I'll probably hate it and chop it into a bob again. Nightmare.
I've got the essentials in here too like cotton wool, deodorant (which at the moment is Dove as they were on offer!) and a couple of body moisturisers.
Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Volume Hairspray: I have two of these cus I love them! It actually smells okay (I'd even say nice) for hairspray and works well to create and keep volume. I also posted about it here.
I've also got a pile of fake tans! Naturally. The one I'm currently using is Garnier Ombre Solaire No streaks bronzer in Medium, I find this so quick and easy to use the night before I want to be a bronze goddess and it dries super quick! The only thing I'm finding at  the moment is that it doesn't seem to like taking to my legs! So I have St. Tropez Bronzing Spray too, which I actually forgot I had until I picked up my basket from mums. I've got about half the bottle left so I'm thinking of trying it again soon as it gave me a really nice natural tan. In the tanning pile is also Rimmel's Sunshimmer instant tan, It's one of those products I think I've used since I was about 18 and started tanning so I probably will never not have one to hand for last minute tanning or amending any streaks! It does smell though so be aware!!

Do you have anywhere like this that you fill up with random products? 

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