Sunday, 30 September 2012

Bargain of the month #1

I went out today in the vain hope I'd find a reasonably priced suitcase to take on my hols and came back with this beautiful dress, plus tons of food! Whoops. I had a bit of a panic last night that I had nothing to wear on holiday and literally glued myself to my laptop until midnight trawling Internet fashion websites for inspiration, but it never came. So today when we popped into a Next Outlet by our house I couldn't help but have a little browse and came across this beauty! It is a Lipsy London dress reduced from £65 to ... £22! I didn't even know Lipsy sold through Next, but it was a nice surprise and I will probably be visiting more often. I really like the gold studded detail plus the black and white colouring makes it feel quite edgy for a pretty dress. I'd say the skirt of the dress is Tulip style which is very flattering on my shape plus it has bones to help create a better silhouette - love, love, love it!
As soon as I tried it on (they don't have fitting rooms in store) I knew I had to tell you all about it and thought it'd be good to start a new little feature. Hope you like it and you're having a lovely weekend x


  1. This dress is gorgeous! I didnt know lipsy sold through next either...might have to pop into next next time im out shopping!!!

    1. I know I hope they get lots more in!! x


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