Saturday, 15 September 2012

Why do I choose drugstore?

After doing the 'how much is your face worth' TAG I realised I own a lot of drugstore products and perhaps that is why my total was lower than pretty much all of the blogs I read. So it got me thinking, why do I choose drugstore over high-end, premium brands?

When I was younger, obviously drugstore is cheaper to buy, it's accessible and you don't get looked up and down when you go into Boots on the weekend. But now that I'm older and, sort of, have the money to splash a bit more on fancy cosmetics why don't I? I think it comes down to the fact that I don't like to experiment a lot and I like to really research into buying something before I do. Don't get me wrong I do own the magnificent YSL concealer but I only bought this because it was recommend by a friend. I also bought Smashbox's Primer because it was recommend by a lady on a beauty counter in America (who didn't work for the brand!) I have to really be sure before I spend my pennies!
I see lots of high-end products raved about on blogs which does make me think 'wow it must be good' but I still can't let myself just go buy it on the off-chance it'll work for me. Drugstore is so much cheaper and so, if it doesn't work, I don't feel that guilty for spending all my hard earned cash on it! Imagine paying £30 odd for Laura Mericer's Tinted Moisturiser than realising, actually, this looks rubbish on me! I think it would put me off for life. Ah!

What makes you buy the brands you buy? Have you ever bought an expensive cosmetic only to find it's awful? Let me know so I can avoid it! (only joking) ;) x


  1. i bought studio fix foundation by MAC last month, as i've never bought MAC, and everybody rants and raves... it was so rubbish. Made me look like i had slapped a foundation cake on my face and just looked so plastic. I am sticking to what I know best and that is NO7.

    1. Haha, yeah some of them can be a bit like that! Price does not always mean quality. x


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