Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Smashbox Photo Set Finishing Powder

After priming the face, applying foundation and concealer you may wonder how models, celebrities and some lucky passers-by get that flawless, set look. I normally used powders which are meant to be for your skin tone but I find these never match the foundation shade you’re wearing and generally never stay put, meaning countless re-applications.

For Christmas I received a photo finish set which comprised of two products; Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer and Smashbox Photo Set Finishing powder. My first impressions were, “what is this?” It comes in a small, round pot and all you can see from this point of view is some kind of white substance. I’ve never seen a clear (or white) powder before and wasn’t quite sure why you would want this. However, after using it I understood. It sets makeup, absorbs oil and reflects light all without running the look your foundation has just given you.
If you have oily skin or foundation that can give you an oily appearance then Smashbox Photo Set Finishing powder is great because it absorbs moisture, as well as guarding against harmful UV rays (SPF15). Loosely apply with a powder brush to forehead, nose, chin and cheeks (or anywhere you tend to get shine) to create a matte finish that will last. The texture is much lighter than an ordinary powder but due to its colour, white, it can leave a white residue in areas where perhaps too much was brushed. I generally find this happens on my chin but it does begin to fade and by the time I leave the house is not as recognisable.
The pot is really cute and easy to take around with you in your bag which is good if you need to re-apply during the day. However, I do have the tendency to make a mess with loose products and this is not an exception.  I usually get a little dusting of powder from opening and closing so bear this in mind!
At £26.10 it is a little investment, but will go a long way as you only need a small amount on your brush each time. I will probably only use it for nights out or if I know I am going to be photographed.

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