Monday, 27 February 2012

Models Own Nail Polish

So after seeing Makeup Savvy's blog post on the Models Own nail polish, and always one for a bargain (even if I don't need it!!) I was straight on ASOS to purchase myself some new nail polish. FYI, I always say nail varnish but is it meant to be nail polish? I think it sounds nicer so I'll continue using it for now.
I have been looking for a good gold glittery nail polish since before Christmas so I quickly snapped up the Goldfinger shade and also chose Bubblegum as I liked the brightness. I sent them with supersaver delivery which was free (bargainista!) and was so surpirsed when they arrive only a few days later that I opened them and kind of forget about them for a few days!
Anyway, I treated myself to new colourful nails Saturday night but couldn't decide between the two so used both.

I tend to use Rimmel 60seconds, because I am very impatient and hate it when you take the time to paint your nails and then they smudge. I also use Barry M as they always have great colours. Frist impressions: WOW. I could visabily see the polish drying on my nails after doing the first hand, I also could have probably left it with just the one coat but I did two coats because my nails chip almost instantly.
The gold probably would have looked better with a basecoat as it is a bit sparse in places but happy with it after looking for one for a while!
The Bubblegum shade is quite fluro but it got me in the summer mood and will look amazing with a tan. Maybe I'll get fake tanning and paint them again :)


  1. I love the gold one, so pretty and sparkly!xxx


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