Sunday, 30 December 2012

Battle of the fake tans

St Tropez £20.49
Garnier dry body mist £11.69
Garnier self-tanning mousse £13.99

Hello lovelies I hope you've all had a nice Christmas break! I've been oogling lots of 'What I got for Christmas' posts but I'm not sure if I'll do one ... I'm really hoping to find some time to film a video about it as my first one! (eee) But it's so blimmin' dark and I'm not sure how I'll like it yet so thought I'd post about this today instead!!

Since dying my hair dark I made the decision to try and keep my body a bit darker too so I won't feel so ghost like. I usually tan now and again anyway, but it wasn't something I thought about every week. When I went to tan for the first time just before having my hair done I noticed an old bottle of St Tropez Bronzing Spray lying in my basket, I thought it probably had another whole bodies worth left so figured I'd give it a go!
I haven't used St Tropez in about a year so when I started to spray and it came out green I seriously thought that the tan was gone off or something. But, I carried on anyway! I'm now pretty much 100% sure that it is green so that you can see where you have tanned and not, which is most helpful! I'm not sure if it is because it was old or not but it didn't feel very dry, instead it was pretty sticky and wet, and in some places I had to rub the tan in. I wasn't too bothered about how I was going to look the next day as I only had work and I just wanted to see how it would come out. When I woke up the next day I was really impressed! I was an even, all-over lovely shade which didn't look fake at all and was quite dark for one spray. 
When I do tan I tend to only use it once, rather than continuously until I reach the colour desired. I just think it looks quite natural and is enough for me.

So once this had all faded and I was pretty much back to my paleself I reached for the tan I usually use - Garnier Ambre Solaire no streaks bronzer self tanning spray. I'd seen the adverts and thought that the 360 degree angled nozzle was perfect, even though getting behind the knee area isn't all that hard! It's mostly the back that is the trouble. I used it as normal, went to bed and checked out the results the next morning. Up to the St Tropez it was a similar deepness, but felt slightly more fake. I also had a few streaks on my arms and the most annoying thing I found with this fake tan is that it never seems to take on my legs. I think there is only one time when I've used it that my legs have turned out great. It's like it all rubs off! After this use I decided I'd go to Boots and find another tan. Hello, Garnier mousse!! I've never used a mousse before but have heard quite good things and to be honest I did like the easiness and price of the Garnier products so that's why I opted for another. I think this tan is the winner at the moment as it gives me an all over, streak free (!!) tan, dries pretty instantly and is so easy to use. The spray seems easy but it's so difficult to know where you've been or haven't. The mousse leaves a bit of a tint and it doesn't leave you feeling overly sticky! Yuck. The only negative point I'd make is that it is not as dark as the other two, they didn't have an option for fair, medium or dark so I'm guessing it's just a universal tan? So I'd use this one twice to build the colour a bit.

What tanning products do you use? I'd loooove to try the Xen Tan but at the moment it's a bit out of my price range!! x


  1. St tropez bronzing mist is the one :) love it! X

    1. It is too good! But also rather expensive :( x

  2. St Tropez is such a good fake tan. I also found a very cheap alternative, St Moritz. Have you tried it? X


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