Friday, 7 December 2012

Rimmel foundation

Hi everyone! So, I did it. I am now a brunette. I feel like a completly different person at the moment, so strange. I'll get a good picture and hopefully get a post up this weekend to show you all but today I wanted to tell you about my new(ish) Rimmel foundation.

My Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation ran out (waa) a few weeks ago - literally didn't give me any warning at all! So when a product runs out I don't immediately go out and re-purchase, I'm not sure why... I think I just like to see what else is out there.
Well let me tell you that I am kicking myself for doing this with my foundation! I was in a rush as I had to buy one that day and only had Boots to contend with. So I did a bit of a Google and decided I would go up, swatch a few and decide. I wavered by the Rimmel stand and thought I'd try their Lasting Finish foundation. I like the sound of a foundation that will last a long time (apparently 25 hours, although if you Google you will find a few blogs that have tested this and found it to be a bit far fetched) but 9-10 hours is good enough for me! It was £6.99, over Wake Me Up's £8.99, so I thought why the heck not!

When I used it the next day I wasn't that impressed. It felt really thick and a bit meh! I wasn't excited about it, but it did the job. After using it more I'm not as negative about it but, compared the Wake Me Up, it makes me look quite dull. I really loved the way Wake Me Up made me look awake and fresh, it may not last as long but it's a very good foundation for the price. It's also got really cute packaging! The only problem with it is it makes my oily sections (nose, chin, forehead) look super oily by lunchtime so I use powder. I don't find my face is as oily with Lasting Finish so it has much more staying power.
Both are also the same shade, although in Lasting Finish soft beige is slightly darker - I was a bit worried about this but you can't tell once it is on.
So I guess pros and cons for both but I will definitely be buying another Wake Me Up once I have some spare cash and perhaps will use both! But I've learnt my lesson and will not try to fix something that isn't broke in the future! Have you ever done this with a product you've liked?

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  1. I didn't like the lasting finish one much either, I found it really hard to blend in! I quite liked the wake me up one but it broke me out so I had to stop using it! ahh :( xx


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