Monday, 31 December 2012

New camera!

Hello all! So as many other bloggers did I got a new camera for Christmas, hurrah!! My old camera was I think 3 years old and so I used my Blackberry phone camera for the blog as it was just as good (if not better....) I asked my mum and dad if they'd get me one for Christmas and we went to look at a few together so I could see if it was what I wanted. Now I wasn't about to jump straight in and ask for a DSLR, one because I could not afford to pay (most) of the cost towards it and two because I wouldn't even know how to use it! So we agreed on a Bridge camera, which is like an in-betweeny type which looks like a professional camera but without all the special features. If you'd like to see if properly this is the one I received.
I was happy that it was a Fuji Film as my old camera was the same so it's very easy to use and understand. It also films in HD which I'm so excited to try, but it only films up to 10 minutes so that's a bit of a downside. I guess I will either have to be really quick or perhaps it means 10 minutes at a time so I can just stop and start again ... who knows! Trial and error. It's not solely for that use anyway as I really needed a new camera for when I go on holiday etc. If I enjoy filming and get into a bit more I'd probably go for an actual camcorder. 
The photo above was just me testing out the B&W and timer mode! Sorry about the boy-ish room, hopefully when we move it'll be much more girly. Now where can I find a tripod....

What are your thoughts on cameras, filming and camcorders! Did you also find a camera under your Christmas tree? :) x

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