Friday, 21 December 2012

#SWBXmas event


On Sunday afternoon, quite hungover may I add, I went along to the South West Bloggers Christmas event in the centre of Bristol. When I heard about the event, hosted by Gina, Hayley and Lyzi, I was determined to go as it was a chance to meet fellow bloggers all in the place that I live! I missed out on tickets first time round but luckily for me a few people couldn't attend so I managed to get a last minute ticket and headed down into the streets of Bristol.
This was the first event, or such like, that I'd been to so naturally I was pretty nervous and felt like everyone knew each other a part from me. Luckily the atmosphere was extremely chilled and everyone was welcoming and chatty. I met Jess and Amy who were both lovely as well as Bonny who strangely did some work for the company I work for before I started! Small world.
We were served with yummy cake, tea and champagne in the cutest tea cups - which I avoided due to the alcohol consumption the night before - and each blogger had a little Christmas present.
The event was held in a teashop come vintage paradise called The Birdcage (follow them on Twitter if you live in the area @Birdcagebristol), I'd never heard of the place before but so glad that I got an opportunity to go there it was beautiful and I kept saying that it was my dream to own something as sweet as it one day. The lamp shade lights were quirky and it had a huge Christmas tree in the corner making it feel very festive.
It was a lovely afternoon, thank you girls, I'm pleased I got to meet some ladies who I've spoken with on Twitter and new ones I look forward to meeting again at further events. We all also received a lovely vintage scarf from The Birdcage to go home with, which I cannot wait to wear!
I hope you're all well, will any of you be at the Birmingham meet up in January? I'm pretty excited about that one, shopping and food my two favourites things!


  1. I'm from Birmingham is the meet up open to anyone? xxxx

    1. Yes lovely, see Gemma over at xx

    2. thank you :-) xxx

    3. It was lovely to meet you too!

  2. Was nice to meet you - hope you had a lovely time and here's to more meet-ups in the future :)

  3. Hey Hun, sorry I forgot your name which was why I didn't include you in my post, but I'll amend that, it was lovely to meet you too, I'm also quite shy so I know it can be difficult! Much love amie x x x


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