Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My lip product collection

Lip products

Lip products

So today I have a half day from work because I'm getting my hair done, woohoo! They couldn't fit me in on a Saturday or evening before Christmas so I've had to take my last bit of annual leave for today. Bit annoying but it meant I get to take some pictures and blog! Yay. Finding it so hard at the moment to get good pictures due to leaving work when it's still quite dark and coming home in the pitch black! *note to self buy daylight bulb*
So I thought I'd show you my lipsticks/products collection. It's not very large as I've only recently got into colours on the lips, say in the last year. I have very dry and chapped lips and have always been wary about having big bold colours on my face. Like to keep things simple!
So you can see from the above picture that they are verrrry similar in colours. Lots of nude, a splash of red and a bit of pink - as well as my faithful lip butter! One thing I will say is that they are all from different brands.

Revlon Colour Burst Creme Brulee - post here - I got this as I was really intrigued by a moisturising lipstick but was too scared to get a bright colour. I really like it as it feels like you are just putting on a lipbalm and don't have to really be looking in a mirror! Tempted to purchase Raspberry Pie after seeing it on Corrie's blog.
MAC Shygirl - I bought this on my birthday last year probably as the first lipstick I purchased. I wanted something I could break myself in with and wear in the day or in the evening. This was perfect it has a hint of shimmer but it nude so doesn't look over the top during the day. The only thing I did find was that it showed up my chapped lips a bit so not so good on bad days.
17 Hot Chilli - This was a bit of a 'on a whim' purchase as I wanted to get a red lipstick - I had convinced myself that colour was okay by this point! I didn't want to spend a lot on something that may not suit me so opted for one from 17. It is more of a coral-red however the photo makes it look really orange! I found this quite nice but not so good on my dry lips so haven't really used it. A plus point for this one though is that the packaging is very sleek, making it look a lot more expensive.
Rimmel Kate Moss 101 - post here - This is, at the moment, my fave lipstick as it's soft, a beautiful natural colour and isn't too drying for my lips. I wore it everyday on holiday in October. The only thing I don't really like is the red packaging, I know a bit silly but I just find it a bit naff.
Natural Collection Crimson - So I picked this one up at the same time as the 17 one. I wasn't sure on the exact red I wanted so this one is a true, bright red. I actually really, really like this lipstick as it's a 'moisture shine' one so it means it nourishes my lips a little when I put it on and the pigment of it is amazing for a cheaper drugstore brand. I don't wear it often as I like to keep things simple so if I'm wearing colours in my clothes I tend to go for more natural lips.
Maybelline Babylips Peach Kiss - This is not available in the UK so I purchased it on holiday to USA as lots of bloggers kindly recommended it. I went for a nude colour to keep it safe (classic me) and am gutted I didn't buy the other colours as it is the softest lip product I've tried. It smells a bit like sweets and is actually pretty large so it will last a long time. If you get the chance to buy one - DO IT!
Boots Coconut & Almond Lip Butter - This is my holy grail of lip balm/butters. I was given one as a gift a long time ago and have continuously repurchased. I love products that smell of coconut as it reminds me of holidays so this is amazing. It keeps my lips soft and lasts quite a while. The only annoying thing about it is that the packaging gets grubby fast and the product gets stuck in your nails!! But I guess it's a butter not a balm.

So I hope this was interesting and has given you a bit of an insight into my lip habits. Hoping to get some pictures of my new hair so I will post about it on the weekend. Have a good rest of the week x


  1. Lovely lippie collection! I have fairly chapped lips as well but I use a lip exfoliator every night now and it's definitely helping! Would love to see these worn ;)

  2. I love them all!Shygirl and natural collections crimson looks beautiful :)
    Hareem x

    1. Crimson is so nice! Wish I had the courage to wear it more often x


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