Saturday, 1 December 2012

My tattoo

I have been wanting a tattoo for about a year after I deciding it isn't actually that bad girls having tattoos, they can look nice! I know tattoos are quite a funny subject as some people just hate them and think it's a terrible thing to do to your body whereas others, on the other extreme, love them and see their body as a place of art. I quite liked the thought of having some ink so that when on holiday, in a bikini it would look pretty, a typical girly thing to want! I then decided this was too big, too soon and I doubt I will actually ever get it done so I started to think of smaller things that I could have that meant something to me.
As it was getting closer to the end of my final year of Uni it came to me... I should get something to symbolise the end of such a long part of my life and the freedom I would feel once it was all over. This is when I started to think of doves and birds, flying away and being free to do as they wish. How do you then decide where you want it?! Did I want it on my wrist, my shoulder, my hip, my neck? You can see why it took me a year to get into the shop. It was between the wrist and the neck but I decided against my wrist as I didn't want something that would be on show 24/7, I'm just not that type of girl I suppose. The back of the neck seemed like such a delicate area to have a pretty tattoo that when I decided this was what I wanted and immediately booked it in and started to freak out!! 

Actually having it done

So it was Saturday, the day of my tattoo, and my friend said she would come with me - she has two medium/large tattoos so I thought she'd help me through it. I honestly don't think I could have gone in on my own as I would have probably passed out or just chickened out but having her with me really helped and she took my mind off it and put me at ease. When I sat down to have it done, I literally sat on a basic IKEA fold out chair with my coat and bag on my lap haha, my legs started to shake and I began to think I was silly for thinking it would be okay because I couldn't see the needle/gun thing. When she told me she was about to start I gave a little squeal and waited for the pain to begin ..... it did come, I wouldn't lie but I feel like I was scared over hardly anything! It hurt a little to begin, and the smaller bird hurt the most but I sat there for 20 minutes and just let the needle ink up my neck with pleasure!! I couldn't believe I had sat through it without asking her to stop or, more importantly, without crying! Woohoo go me.


I was told NOT to use Sudacrem (I didn't even know what I would use until she started talking aftercare and doing this and that) but to use Bepanthen, as it is breathable, twice a day for about a week. She then popped on some kind of goo-ey liquid and put a little bit of cling film over it for me to drive home in and that was that! The only thing I found was that because it was on my neck I couldn't move it from side to side easily and it made my whole back stiffen up. I think yesterday was the first day I started to feel normal again since I had it done.

So yes, I have a tattoo. It still feels very weird saying that and showing people. It isn't hardly on show but I know it's there and I'm 100% glad I did it.
Do you have any tattoos, or do you want one? They say once you have one you'll keep going back for more, I can see why but I don't have any plans for more.... yet ;)

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  1. it looks lovely :) I think tattoos on girls are nice as long as they're tastefully done, I have one on the top of my back not far below where yours is and another on my foot. Love your blog, Im a new follower x


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