Saturday, 10 March 2012


So the title of this post kind of works. Not only does it (obviously) remind me of that annoying song  by The Police, it was also in the cinema version of Moulin Rouge so I thought it would be okay!

Last night I went out on a hen party for a lady in work and the theme was Moulin Rouge. Cue lots of argghhh we are going to look naked moments and really awkward stares and glances as we walk through the centre of town on a Friday night.

Once all dressed up and makeup'd I got into character and actually really enjoyed the night, as well as the theme. I thought I'd share it with you as I tried to go for bigger/bolder makeup then usual, and my outfit was pretty cute too!

The corset and tutu are from Ebay and I have on a H&M tube skirt.

I used my L'Oreal eyeliner, which I am absolutely loving at the moment! (see review here and here) I have never found an eyeliner that works so well. I alsowore Eyelure fake lashes in Intense (140) and put lots of blush on (although you cannot even see this in the pic!)
My lipstick is No17 "HOT CHILLI", the shade is quite bright for me so I don't get this out very often but it's really smoothe and has good moisture.

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  1. Wow you look amazing!
    Never had the chance to do burlesque looks good fun :)



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