Saturday, 31 March 2012

New Look haul plus new wardrobe!

So after finishing all my coursework and teaching at Uni I thought I deserved a little treat and had a quick but nice shopping trip with one of my Uni friends. I feel like I haven't been shopping in agggges! It's probably not actually that long but I haven't bought any new spring/summer clothes yet and it's been teasing me for too long. So here are my purchases, not a lot but felt much better and they are all from New Look and under £20!

This is also a sneaky glimpse at my new wardrobe!! Very excited about this, I am having my very own dressing/getting ready room so we have got a new, massive wardrobe - seriously it is so tall I have to have the rail nearly half way down. Got some racks there at the bottom for me to pop lots of items in and then have my shoes on the very bottom, which I'm not really sure about yet as I can't get to them very well!
Anyway, here are my three items, a taupe maxi dress, a crop bralet top and a floaty blouse.

I wanted to buy a new maxi as the two I have at the moment are quite dressy and there is lots of effort involved when wearing them, but this one is so comfy! I really love how I can just pop this on and just chill out.

Bralets have never been my friend. I've tried a few on, mostly Topshop, but find it looks really awful with bigger boobs! I look like I'm literally in my underwear. This one jumped out at me because it had lots of room and is a soft, stretchy material. Don't get me wrong I won't be wearing it around casually, I'll probably keep it to wear on holiday or maybe with a maxi skirt so there isn't too much on show!

Lastly, I purchased this really pretty floaty top. It's just really spring looking and I liked the rouching on the front to give it a bit of shape.


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