Friday, 30 March 2012

Peep Show

Hello readers! Sorry for my lack of communication on pretty much all levels (blog and twitter). I have just finished my final year of University! Well, I have 4 exams in May but for now that it is and I feel so free. So back to my little hobby, blogging!

After my haul of 17 Cosmetics in Boots a few weeks ago I have been using my Peep Show mascara every day. I like to give mascaras a few days/a week before I decide if I truly like it because I like to get used to the new wand and the textures and get into the routine of what works best.

The mascara states to give you lengthened lashes from root to tip, voluptuous volume and no clumps but most of all a full, flirty flutter. I really like the end of it's description and it matches the packaging so well! It's quite Benefit-style, looking very girly but old-school.

Without Peep Show mascara

With Peep Show mascara

I definitely think the mascara lengthens but I wouldn't necessarily say that it helps to create volume. It hasn't put me off the product though as I think the 'flirty flutter' is key this season with looking effortless and simple. I really like how girly it makes my lashes look. My usual mascaras are quite volume heavy which can leave them looking stiff, I am liking the lighter look!


  1. I won the Peep show mascara in a competision and cannot wait to use it! I also like the flirty flutter look! Great blog!

    1. Thanks :) Glad your comment arrived safely haha. Yeah I really like it, will continue buying for now atleast! x


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