Monday, 9 April 2012

4 week hair challenge #2

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend! After a week without the BF it was really nice to see him and I had a good weekend spent with him and family. Not really ate much chocolate but I will definitely be doing that today.

So, I used my VO5 hot oil again on Saturday - I had something else I wanted to post about then so I saved it for today! I don't generally feel the need to wash my hair that often so this was the second time of washing my hair since I first used the hot oil last Sunday. Sounds a bit gross but I have pretty thick hair and I like to wear it up as much as it is down.
My hair, again, felt really smoothe once I had washed out the oil and it makes it much easier to then shampoo your hair. Sometimes when I shampoo I feel as though I am pulling at my hair where it is a little knotted together. I did pretty much the same, used most of the tube on my ends and then used the rest on the top/rest of my head, washed out, shampooed and then used my conditioner. Just for reference I use L'Oreal Nutri Gloss at the moment.
I must say my ends are looking much better, and my hair blow-drys quite straight and together (if that makes sense!) rather than looking like a huge mop of hair with layers going in all directions. So it is coming along nicely.

The one thing I have found though is that toward the end of the day and totally by the next day my hair feels and looks quite heavy and greasy, so much so that I want to put it all up so that no one can tell! This may be because my roots are beginning to come through, it may be because I should ease off putting the oil directly onto my roots. But I have noticed the difference.

Next week I will try and just use the oil for the hair sort of ear level and below and see if it still makes it feel the way it does now - can't wait to wash my hair!! Yuck.


  1. i am trying to get my hair healthy too. It is hard but worth it!

  2. great blog! would be great if you followed me back :) xx

    1. Thank you, have followed back xx


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