Wednesday, 18 April 2012

4 week hair challenge #3

Another week has passed. Doing this during my revision has actually scared me a lot! This now means I have under two weeks until my first exam and four weeks (ish) till it's all over! Que a bit of hyperventilating. It's nice to have a bit of time out though and write on here about nice things!

This week I used my VO5 hot oil on Monday and I haven't really been anywhere or done much apart from revising so my hair has just been down with the front clipped out the way so I can literally get my head down in my books and notes! As I said last week it was starting to make my hair feel quite heavy and greasy so this time I used all the hot oil on my hair ear-length down in the hope that it wouldn't feel like I wanted to wash it again after a few hours. It worked! It also made my ends feel extra soft and I have noticed that it makes them come together a lot more, minimising the look of lots of split ends! Woohoo.
After blow-drying it is pretty straight too, usually my hair goes quite big and the layers (I don't have many but there are some hidden in there) tend to kink in whichever direction they feel like, so this is a huge plus as there is no need to get the straighteners on it!

I am really loving using them and would 100% recommend anyone who wants to add a little TLC to their haircare or just needs a quick fix from heat damage.

Have a lovely evening!

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